Martis Invaestment

Food gains in value as it ripens and matures. The more complex the process, the scarcer and more sought-after the product, the more exceptional the expertise necessary to perfect the product and the more costly the ingredients – the more valuable food becomes. In the Swiss Alps, a valuable asset is maturing in oak casks: For five years, Bærg Marti’s "Balsamico" balsamic vinegar has been gaining value both in financial and culinary terms. You enjoy the security of knowing that you are investing in an exceptionally rare item of food. Its most convincing features are its naturalness and quality, so that it expresses a certain lifestyle.

Brochure: "Balsamico full of value"

Martis Laeb

The research lab of Baerg Marti provides recipes for commercial success in the food industry. Food innovator Stephan Marti offers partners the experience he has gained from the successful market launch of Swiss Premium Balsamico from the Bernese Alps and the Baergfeuer Chilli Sauce. He also has an exclusive food innovation network of top cooks and food experts. His feeling for what is feasible and his high quality awareness allows products with added value to be created. For consumers, manufacturers and industry.



made in Switzerland